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No, you don’t need a wakeboard tower to wakeboard—but it’s much more fun with one! The reason is simple: wakeboard towers allow you to achieve more hang time. You can jump higher on your wakeboard and enjoy more time in the air for awesome tricks. Sounds pretty cool, but how does a wakeboard tower achieve this?

Wakeboard Towers Have a Higher Tie-Off Point

The answer is simple: the higher the tie-off point, the better.

Without a wakeboard tower, your rope is most likely tied to the back of the boat at a point that is fairly close to the water. The low tie-off point has the effect of constantly pulling you downward—when you jump, the rope is at a downward angle and pulls you back down almost immediately. The rope can also get caught in the turbulence behind the boat, making it harder to wakeboard.

A wakeboard tower solves this problem by raising the tie-off point. Suddenly, you can jump higher with more freedom to do tricks and flips, and the rope will be well above the water so it doesn’t get caught in turbulence. The rope will still pull you downward—but only after a really monster jump!

Other Wakeboard Tower Benefits

Although the extra hang time you get with a wakeboard tower is its top benefit, there are plenty more, including:

  1. You can trick it out with accessories like lights, speakers, and mirrors
  2. You can use it as a support beam to hold onto while maneuvering around the boat
  3. With a wakeboard rack attached to your tower, you can store your wakeboards, water skis, and even surf boards so they are out of the way
  4. It just looks cool!
What are you waiting for? Monster Tower has universal wakeboard towers for sale that are designed to fit any boat, regardless of make or model!

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