Learning to Get Up Wakesurfing

If you're new to the world of water sports or trying our wakesurfing for the first time, getting up on the board may seem difficult. Professional wakeboarder Cobe Mikacich is back to help us learn how to master this skill.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I'm Cobe Mikacich. Our friends over at Monster Tower asked us to do some instructional videos.Today we're going to be over and getting up on a wake surfer.

We're going to go over some of the common mistakes people make and one of them is they put the heel too far into the center of the board and then they have no leverage to flip it up to their feet when they start. So what happens is the board just slides down in front of them. Also, very common is when people push with their legs and they pull with their arms.

So to avoid these common mistakes, start with a nice shoulder-width stance, bring your heels kind of closer to your heel-side edge, and put your toes up into the sky. When you feel tension from the boat, take your heels and drive them down towards your butt. Take the handle, push it towards the boat, and now we'll help you roll over the board and get up.

One thing I always like to tell people is getting up on a wake surfer feels just like getting up out of a chair. You got to rock forward over your feet before you stand up.

I hope this helps out you and your friends to wake surf this summer. Check back with Monster Tower for more instructional wake surf videos.