Find SUPS, Lounges, and Floats from WOW under the Party Cove Category!

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Wakeboarding can wear you out. We love to have our floats and lounges ready for post-wakeboarding and thought you would too!

Now you can find SUPS, floats, and lounges under the Party Cove category. Monster Tower has partnered with the World of Watersports, AKA WOW, and handpicked our favorite Party Cove essentials from their catalog of water floats. Get everything you need for a fun and relaxing day on the water in one convenient spot!

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We are so excited to present our line of inflatable SUP Packages. The Rover and Zino are adventure-ready, and conveniently come with an easy-to-carry backpack, hand-pump, three piece paddle, and repair kit.

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Lake Lounges and Party Islands keep you in the water without exerting yourself. Grab some friends and pile on these water floats for a chance to chill after wakeboarding. A few, like the Octo Floating Island, come stocked with a built-in cooler so you never have to leave the water. You can even bridge the gap between boats with the Water Walkway!

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Quality audio is a party cove staple. We love our wakeboard tower speakers, but if you are looking for a more portable option, this WOW Bluetooth Speaker can go on all of your adventures. Featuring a 360 LED light and waterproof properties, this Bluetooth speaker is an awesome companion for all of your summer activities.

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