Protecting Marine Speakers, Wakeboard Racks, Lights, and Mirrors

Wakeboard tower accessories are built to withstand marine environments, but there are some precautions to take. Prevent water spots, premature aging, and maintain hardware with these simple steps.

Protecting Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Monster Tower wakeboard tower speakers may be protected by anodized aluminum cans, but it is important to still be mindful of their care on and off shore. After each use in salt water, make sure to rinse the cans and wipe down to avoid water spots. Once a season, make sure to rinse with water and mild soap. For maximum protection, we recommend investing in single barrel speaker covers or double barrel speaker covers. These will not dampen sound and they are made with outdoor poly fabric that is three-times thicker than most speaker covers.

twin double barrel marine speakers on monster wakeboard tower

Protecting Wakeboard Racks

We offer racks for kneeboard, wakeboards, surfboards, and water skis, and they all require the same TLC. During transportation, we recommend using the quick release clamps to take the racks down. Bugs will often collide with racks, but this can be avoided with removal. Swivel racks can be rotated inside of the boat. Wakeboard rack covers are a great option for protection. They are made of outdoor poly that is three times thicker than other wakeboard rack covers.

Make sure to tighten the clamps and check the quick release mechanism after 30 hours of use.

Rinse and dry after each use to avoid salt build-up or water spots. Wash with mild soap and water at least once a season.

wakeboard rack installed on monster tower

Cleaning Mirrors

Transportation can make accessories vulnerable, so it is best to fold down the wakeboard tower mirror or use the quick release mechanism to remove. Protection during transportation can also be achieved with the CIPA mirror cover, which is made of outdoor poly fabric that is 3 times thicker than fabric used to make other mirror covers. Make sure to rinse and dry after each use to avoid water spots. Windex or other glass cleaners are ideal for cleaning mirrors..

monster tower mirror accessory on boat

Cleaning Marine Lights

Marine light maintenance is important for nighttime boaters. Make sure to clean the front of lights with Windex or other glass cleaners after each use, so the light is not dimmed by buildup. Marine environments will cause water spots and other residue, so it is important to stay mindful of lights when taking the boat out at night.

marine light accessory on monster tower wakeboard tower

Following these simple steps will increase the longevity of your wakeboard accessories. A little maintenance goes a long way, and will help combat against harsh marine environments. Follow these three steps to keeping your wakeboard tower looking fresh!

How-to Maintain My Tower