Get the Best Wakeboard for You

Choosing the best wakeboard is a mixture of aesthetics and practicality. Most wakeboard companies offer their boards in a variety of sizes, so if you fall in love with a certain graphic, you will likely be able to get that wakeboard in your size.

Before you find a graphic you must-have, narrow down your options by figuring out a few key components that will lead you to choosing the right wakeboard for you.

  • Wakeboard Length

    The most important deciding factor is choosing the right board length.

    Every wakeboard has specific sizing guidelines, since a board that is too short will adversely affect your ride. If you are getting a wakeboard for a few different people to use, base your selection on the weight of the heaviest rider, since it is better to have a longer board so it floats sufficiently.

    Find your weight in the chart and follow along to find the best length for you. Proper wakeboard length is essential to a smooth ride and to advance your skill level. Construction or graphics are not nearly as important as actually being able ride on your wakeboard.

  • choose the right wakeboard size chart

  • Cable Park or Behind a Boat

    Wakeboards intended for the cable park are not constructed the same as wakeboards that get towed behind a boat. The fins are different, since you won't do the same tricks at the cable park and on the lake. Cable park wakeboards have a built in fin, so they don’t break off while doing tricks that require sliding or grinding. Cable park boards are constructed with a stronger, fiberglass compound which makes it easier for the rider glide and slide. Boat wakeboards have longer fins and a deeper rocker shape so the rider can cut through the water with more ease. There are some hybrid wakeboards that have removable fins, so the rider can get the best of both worlds, but if you are going to spend all of your time on the lake or at the cable park you will want to get a wakeboard that will help you get the best performance.

    wakeboard cable park

  • Skill Level

    Another thing to consider when investing in a wakeboard is skill level. Beginner wakeboards and professional wakeboards are going to have a few key differences. Beginner wakeboards have duller edges, so you can gradually learn to do tricks and cut from wake-to-wake. Intermediate and professional wakeboards have sharp edges that allows the rider to cut hard and fast. If you are just starting out, sharp edges could make you faceplant. We have all been there, but a faceplant makes it hard to get back on the board!

    girl wakeboarding

  • Wakeboard Materials

    Wakeboards are all made of fiberglass, but the core of the board varies. Cheaper wakeboards are going to have a completely foam center, which may work with your budget, but they won’t get you as much pop as other boards. If you are looking to get a wakeboard that has more of a snap, look for boards that have a wooden center. This added reinforcement gives the rider more energy to perform tricks, which can be worth the higher price point.

After you narrow down the wakeboard that will work for you, check out wakeboard shops that will let you try out the board before purchasing. Otherwise, the only other way to figure out what you like is to try as many different wakeboards and bindings as possible. Outside of inflexible factors, like the board length, it comes down to what your personal preference is when you are out on the water.