Bimini Tops

Tower Biminis : Biminis Made For Your Wakeboard Tower

Investing in a tower bimini extends your time on the water by providing a shaded refuge from the sun. Monster Tower biminis are made from Sunbrella® fabric, which is UV resistant and fade proof. Not only will a bimini protect your skin from the sun’s rays, they help block the sun from beating down on your boat’s interior. Too much sun exposure can cause your boat interior to fade and crack. Whether you choose to get a bimini to go above or below your wakeboard tower, our biminis will keep your passengers cool while still towing a rider. We make this possible with a custom cut hole for the tow point that eliminates chafing and a universal bimini that leaves the tow point unobstructed by affixing underneath the tower.

Need the whole set up? Save $149 by ordering the Over the Top Bimini and Monster Tower in one convenient tower package!

Monster Tower biminis are an awesome way to stay cool without interfering with towing a rider. We have two great options to choose from, so find out which works for you in our Bimini Q & A section!

Bimini Tops

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  • Monster Over the Top Bimini
    Monster's Over the Top Bimini features polished and anodized tubing and superior caliber hardware for optimal strength and durability. Each of our biminis are made with premium Sunbrella fabric - the best marine fabric on the market - featuring a 10-year fabric warranty. Plus, there are OVER 30 different color options for you to choose from so you can customize your bimini to match your boat!

    (Note: Colored biminis take an additional 10-14 business days to ship. For custom bimini stripe options, please call us at 1-877-778-6937)
  • Cargo Rack Bimini

    Get the best of both worlds with this convenient tilting Bimini top that features storage for boards, tubes and water toys on top!

    Please see below how to measure your tower to determine which size bimini will fit your tower.
    • Unique Bimini top for shade and storage
    • Multiple areas for adjustment to fit virtually every wakeboard tower
    • Top tilts for easy loading and can be easily removed without tools for trailering or storage
    • Bungee system provided to secure boards or inflatable on top
    • Mounts on the inside of the tower legs without the traditional Bimini frame to get in the way
    • Top quality Sunbrella Marine Fabric in Jet Black
    • Stainless Steel fittings and super tough nylon clamps
    • Installs to 4 small fittings that need to be attached to your tower's legs
    • Two sizes: Small - holds 2 boards or 1 inflatable tube Medium - holds 3 boards or 1 inflatable tube
  • HangTyte - Boat Cover Suspension System
    If standing water is a problem on your wakeboard boat's mooring cover, Hangtyte may be the ultimate solution for you!

I don’t have a Monster Tower. Do you have a bimini for me?

Yes! Our Over the Top Bimini is custom made to fit Monster Towers, but we make a universal option that fits virtually any tower, particularly cage towers. The Cargo Rack Bimini is available in two sizes, so before ordering, you will need to measure between the legs of your tower to get the best fit. The Cargo Rack Bimini mounts to the inside of the tower legs, so you don’t have the traditional bimini frame to fuss with. The Cargo Rack Bimini does not provide as much shade as the Over the Top Bimini, but you will still stay cool with a canvas size of 48” X 65” on the small or the 60” X 65” for the medium. Our Cargo Rack Bimini is a popular option since it has a unique bungee cord system that holds up to two boards or one inflatable.

What is the difference between the Over the Top and Cargo Rack bimini?

There are a few key differences between these two biminis that you will want to explore before making that final purchase. Both tower biminis feature UV resistant Sunbrella® fabric and can stay open on the water with speeds up to 45 miles per hour, even while towing a rider!

Our Over the Top Bimini is custom made to fit over the top of your MTK, MT1, MT2, or MTE, but it will not work with any other tower. The Cargo Rack Bimini is universal, so it will work with any wake tower, especially cage towers. The Over the Top Bimini is a popular option because it provides more shade than the Cargo Rack Bimini. When deployed, the Over the Top Bimini is up to 67” wide and 72” long, depending on which tower you have. We custom cut a hole for the tow point which provides 36” behind the tow point for the MTK, 18” behind for the MTE, and 15” behind the tow point for the MT1/MT2. Another convenient feature of the Over the Top Bimini is that is trailerable when rolled up into a boot. The Cargo Rack Bimini needs to be removed while heading to the water, and since it does not fold up, you will need to store on the deck of your boat during trailering and for when you want some sun. Due to its universal design, the Cargo Rack Bimini can be removed very quickly and easily. The Cargo Rack Bimini has a bungee storage system on top, so you can store two boards or a set of skis, but if you already have speakers installed, this bimini goes underneath the speakers which does cut down on the headroom.

Can these biminis stay open while we cruise on the water?

Yes! Monster Tower uses Sunbrella® fabric and tough anodized aluminum to construct our biminis, so they can handle speeds up to 45 MPH on the water. Some biminis on the market are unable to stay deployed while cruising on the water since they are made of cheaper materials. Biminis that are not rated for cruising the water sag and get holes in the fabric, rendering them utterly useless. Even though our biminis can handle 45 MPH on the water, we do not recommend keeping your bimini deployed while driving. There are different elements on the highway that are not on the water. Semis can cause winds higher than 45MPH, which can put too much wear on your bimini.

What if I want to get some sun?

Biminis are great for when you want a break from the sun, but what do you do when you are ready to soak up some rays? Both of our biminis are easily removed or folded for fast sun access. The Over the Top Bimini conveniently folds up into a boot, which makes it great for deck space. With its built-in quick release mechanism, the Cargo Rack Bimini can be removed in seconds, but you will need space to store the canvas part.

Are these made of Sunbrella® fabric?

Yes! Sunbrella® has been a trusted source of marine fabrics for over 50 years. Sunbrella® fabric is UV and fade resistant which is ideal for sun protection. In fact, Sunbrella® protects skin from the sun so well that they have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval! Marine environments can be tough on fabric, and is often a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Sunbrella® fabrics are mildew resistant, but in case any dirt does get in to the fabric, they are also bleach cleanable.

How much headroom do I get with these tower biminis?

The Over the Top Bimini will not cut into headroom, so the amount of space you have now will remain unchanged. The Cargo Bimini has a bungee storage system on top, which is good for headroom, but if you have speakers, this bimini will need to go underneath them. That will cut into headroom, so to figure out exactly what that will look like on your boat, consult our measurement guide.

Can I tow a rider with my bimini open?

Yes! Both biminis can handle speeds up to 45 MPH, and they are placed on the tower in a way that allows the passengers to stay cool while towing a rider. The Cargo Bimini goes underneath the tower, so it does not interfere with the tow point in any way. The Over the Top Bimini is custom made to fit right over the tow point, so the wake rope will not interfere with the bimini.

Which colors are available?

The Over the Top Bimini is available to order online in nine different colors (yellow, red, burgundy, navy, black, blue, linen, green and grey) with additional custom color options available upon request. Additional color options (other than the previously listed) are available over the phone at 877.778.6937. All colors may be viewed in the photo gallery on the Over the Top Bimini product page. Monster Tower stocks black in this bimini, so all colors are custom made to order. Custom colored biminis ship separately from the rest of the order in two weeks from order date. Cargo Rack Bimini is available in black online, with custom colors available over the phone at 877.778.6937. Custom color Cargo Rack Biminis also take two weeks to ship.