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Wakeboarding as a sport may have started in the 70’s, but it hasn’t always been so widespread. The aftermarket wakeboard tower industry combined with an uptick of wake boat sales has made this watersport more accessible across the US.

Data printed in Boating Industry from Statistical Survey, INC shows that these cities had an increase of 9.8% in wake boat sales during 2016. Boating Industry used these findings to name the Top Ten Fastest Growing Wakeboard Cities for 2017. Did your city make the list?

  1. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

    wakeboarding in dallas-fort worth, texas

    First on the list is Fort Worth, Texas. This city is bursting with love for wakeboarding and supports several wake parks throughout the city. You can hone your wakeboarding skills in their many lakes or at one of the United States’ largest cable wake parks: WakeSport Ranch.

  2. Salt Lake City, Utah

    wakeboarding in salt lake city, utah

    Second on the list is Salt Lake City, Utah. Nicknamed "Ski City", its inhabitants' appreciation for skiing has translated to a love for wakeboarding. Salt Lake City offers its residents and tourists lots of wake boat rental options, so we see why there is an increase in wake boat ownership!

  3. Seattle, Washington

    wakeboarding in seattle, washington

    Seattle is third on our list and home to the only Mastercraft boat dealership in Western Washington. Coupling a strong source for wake boats with several wakeboard schools has led to an uptick of wakeboarders in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Houston, Texas

    wakeboarding in houston, texas

    The fourth fastest growing wake city is Houston. Like Forth Worth, Houston resisdents also support an abundance of cable wake parks, including Wake Nation, that caters towards wakeboarders of all experience levels.

  5. Detroit, Michigan

    wakeboarding in detroit, michigan

    Number five on this list is Detroit. Detroit not only has lots of lakes, it has been a stop on the King of Wake tour for several of their competitions. This must have piqued interest in Detroit dwellers, since they built several wake parks in recent years.

  6. Austin, Texas

    wakeboarding in austin, texas

    Texas is really embracing wake life. Austin is number six on our list, and is no different than Houston and Fort Worth when it comes to wake parks. Austin is home to Freeride Wakepark which offers wakeboarding lessons seven days a week.

  7. Los Angeles, California

    wakeboarding in los angeles, california

    Everyday is the perfect day to wakeboard in California, so LA is number seven on our list. Watersports are popular in LA and there are lots of different wakeboard lessons offered in this area. LA is also a few hour drive from some of the best wakeboarding spots, like Shasta Lake. This lake even made our Top Ten Places to Wakeboard List!

  8. Charlotte, North Carolina

    wakeboarding in charlotte, north carolina

    Number eight on our list is Charlotte, NC. 20 miles north of Charlotte is the North Carolina's largest lake: Lake Norman. This spot has 520 miles of shoreline, so it is a popular destination for boaters and watersports lovers. Makes sense people are in the market for a wake boat!

  9. San Francisco, California

    wakeboarding in san francisco, california

    Coming in at number nine is San Francisco. With plenty of places to wakeboard, San Francisco also has lots of wakeboarding schools to guide new students. They even have non profits like the Bay Area Water Skis Club to create a network of watersports lovers

  10. Phoenix, Arizona

    wakeboarding in phoenix, arizona

    Phoenix may be known for its arid climate, but it is also known for its great wakeboarding lakes. Lake Havsau's water is clear and Lake Mead's jagged mountain edges create awesome views. Lake Mead and Lake Havsau even made our Top Ten Places to Wakeboard List!

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