What to Know Before Buying Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Monster Tower proudly aligns with the most trusted brands in the marine audio industry. Wet Sounds, Kicker, and Polk all have decades of experience crafting the best speakers in the business. Whether you are looking for single or double barrel speakers, you will get quality sound with our wakeboard tower speaker collection.

All of our speakers are designed to get wet. Even though they mount to the wakeboard tower, they will be inhabiting a high moisture environment around the clock. Monster Tower wakeboard tower speakers come with anodized cans and feature rust-proof components.

Why Anodize?

Cans are the housing for the speakers. They help protect them from marine environments, so it is important that the aluminum is anodized. Without an anodized finish, aluminum can become vulnerable to oxidation, eventually leading to corrosion. Another way to protect wakeboard tower speakers are with speaker covers. Made with an outdoor poly fabric, these speaker covers are three times thicker than most fabric used. Monster Tower cans have a 5 year warranty.

anodized coating protects monster tower marine speakers

Single or Double Barrel Speakers?

Single and double barrel speakers share the same quality components and anodized cans, but there are a few differences to note. The double barrel speakers come with a swivel mount and have two speakers instead of one. The swivel mount feature allows the speakers to face two different directions, which can create a more surround sound experience. Wet Sounds, Polk, and Kicker are all available in single or double barreled options.

single barrel marine speaker on monster tower wakeboard tower
double barrel marine speaker on monster tower wakeboard tower

Polk, Kicker, or Wet Sounds: A Brand Off

Each brand has notoriety in the marine speaker business. For decades, they have had a reputation of manufacturing high quality speakers, complete with a 1 year warranty. Available with the universal insert option, each of these wake speakers will mount to any tubing that falls between 1 5/8” to 2 ½”. Match any of these speakers to your tower, by choosing between polished or black. Even though they all share highly customizable options, take these few things into account before investing in speakers.

  • Kicker Speakers

    Kicker speaker construction is made up of a donut shaped sub with the tweeter in the center. These marine speakers have their own look with coaxial drivers that exhibit weatherproof properties. Kicker 6.5” speakers produce a RMS rating of 65 Watts and Peak Watts of 195W. Available in polished or black. Prices start at $435.

  • monster tower kicker double barrel marine speakers
  • Polk Speakers

    Polk speakers have the same donut shaped sub and tweeter as Kicker, but these 6.5” speakers have a different coaxial driver. Polk speakers are dirt and water resistant and produce a RMS rating of 100W and peak watts of 300W. Available in polished or black. Prices start at $435.

  • monster tower polk double barrel marine speakers
  • Wet Sounds Speakers

    Someone has to be the best, and Wet Sounds is it. Unlike Kicker and Polk, Wet Sounds has a solid sub which can produce a richer sound. This 6.5" speaker has its own unique coaxial design and handles a RMS of 100W and peak of 200W. Available in polished or black. Prices start at $525.

  • monster tower wet sounds double barrel marine speakers

Now that you know which wake speaker will work for you, it is time to get your boat song playlist queued up! Luckily we surveyed our team here at Monster Tower to compile this list of the best boat songs.